Bingo Sessions

Wise Souls Bingo Sessions

We have collected $0.00 of our $216.00 MONTHLY TARGET. Only $216.00 to go!


Bingo Sessions

Our bingo session is held on a Thursday morning at 9.45am with doors opening at 9am. We have 2 books of 10 and 4 jackpots, 1 X $300, 1X $500 and 1 X $1000 on progressive and 1 X $200 on 90 calls. Depending on how much you would like to spend per person, you can do as little as $6 and as much as $60. For an example if you were to play 3 books in each and 1 jackpot sheet in each the price would be $14.40 or if you were to play a full set of books (every number that is called) and 1 each of the jackpots the cost would be $23.40 per person. We also have free lucky door tickets and free tea and coffee. There are raffles available as well.
Hopefully this information has helped and we will see you soon.
$14.40 per person per month $216



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