Free dance with sacred sounds

Wise Souls Free Dance

Free dance with sacred sounds

For everyone who enjoys dancing, without set steps or rules.  Dance to your hearts content  to a variety of nice harmonic music and different rhythm!  Enjoy the benefits of transcendental Sounds, reminding us that we are not the body and not the mind, but pure eternal Spiritual Souls !  ~  You are not watched or judged, follow your heart and feeling. ~  It can remove emotional blockages and is very good for a balanced and peaceful mind and state of ‘Being’, spontaneous healing is possible.

Apart from encouraging physical fitness, any movement, including dancing, will facilitate exchange of energy (Prana or Chi), the old stale or diseased energy will go and make space for new fresh Prana, leaving you well- energized, inspired and glowing!   All the music is inspiring and uplifting and will make you feel good and wanting more!

Let the Music Set You Free, enjoy guaranteed stress-release and connect with others!