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Help Brodie

Brodie was diagnosed with Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) in 2004 followed by testing to determine his younger brother Dylan carried the same terrible gene. Brodie had no issues for his first 8 years and in the first 6 months after diagnosis, he was faced with a devastating and rapid decline in his body’s abilities, ending in his need to be in a wheelchair and continuing regression of his independence. Brodie transitioned from mainstream school to special school with amazing bravery and dignity. Up to the age of 18 he underwent multiple equipment trials and fittings to make Brodie’s life a little bit more comfortable. During this time, Brodie developed Scoliosis, Brodie’s Aunty investigated surgery but it wasn’t a viable option for Brodie as it would only lead to probable complications.

In 2012 Brodie did his final year of special school. In October of that year, Brodie’s Aunty contacted the school to find out what happens after he leaves the school system. They explained that she needed to contact DSQ to access post school funding. Brodie’s Aunty did this, explained the situation and received the forms necessary for the funding. She completed the forms and returned them the following week, and was then told that we were too late for the funding as it closed by June of that year and so he missed out. For more info on Brodie’s story read his blog here.
Brodie’s funding is currently giving him 1 day of day support one week and two days the following week.

As Brodie’s Aunty cares for her Mother, Brodie and his brother and with having no vehicle with a wheel chair lift this situation leaves Brodie at home 5-6 days per week with no support.
This is extremely unfair on Brodie, he deserves and requires so much more.

Please help Brodie explore this world and enjoy his life as much as possible, join any group activities 6 days a week and start living like he so rightly deserves!! These donations will go straight to Brodie to assist him in the support he chooses.