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Martial Arts

Inside Gracie Barra all people just act with warmth and equality towards one another, regardless of
differences in race, creed, sexuality or nationality. Respect for the hierarchy of the ranks is also very
strong and the achievement of the belt and rank.
Some of the amazing benefits of Jiu Jitsu
To have fun whilst developing new skills
Provides the mental and physical tools to assist with problem solving in a calm pragmatic manner
Build self confidence
Form bonds and friendship
Learn respect for others and yourself
Lear self-defense and sport techniques which assist all including the smaller, traditionally less
strong practitioner
Healthy and balanced body, mind and spirit
Increased fitness and health
At Gracie Barra Coolum, each one of us are working together to help ourselves and each other become
the best version of ourselves we wish to be. And that is the difference. We encourage all that step
through the doors to give themselves to Jiu Jitsu.
$10 per person- $150 per month



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