Sound and singing with Vanessa

Wise Souls Singing for disabled people

Sound and singing for disabled people

My name is Vanessa and I hold Sound groups that offer people an encouraging and supportive space to explore their voices & authentic, personal expression in music making.
I am a Sound Therapist and use a variety of simple instruments and my voice to encourage people to have a go and have some fun whilst exploring Sound individually and in a group.
People get to have a go on an assortment of instruments that are mostly unconventional like a kind of xylophone, bowls, chimes, bells and drums and we play some games that are light hearted and inclusive.

Many people find it very liberating to have a safe space in which to let out their expression so it is often quite uplifting.
We also tend to hold a lot of energy in our bodies around not expressing ourselves so it can be very freeing and energising to also include movement in the sessions.

I also offer Meditative Sound journeys which is where people sit or lie and relax while I sing and play music.
Some of what I do is a little unconventional in that I sing in a free form way allowing the freedom of sound to come through without it needing to be only in known songs & words. You could say it’s a kind of ‘jibberish’ but it is fun & freeing to do.

I would be very happy to work with your group on the dates suggested and I assume you are wanting to come to the Gallery.
I can adjust my sessions according to the purpose and intention of what you would like in the experience.