Yoga Sessions

Wise Souls Yoga Sessions

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Yoga Sessions

Yoga can be incredibly beneficial for everyone. It will always improve your overall health, prevent and even (at least to some degree) reverse dis-ease. It can be practised even from the comfort of your own chair. Here are some of the ways it does that:
1. Improved Strength: through toning muscles/limbs, deeper & better breathing & improved cardiac function
2. Improved Flexibility: Stretching & releasing the tightness of the muscles, tendons, arteries, veins, meridians and organs, they all work much better in a relaxed state and it increases a sense of wellbeing. It can also help those with mobility issues to easier perform activities involving reaching, turning, for example tying shoe laces or to pick things up.
3. Improved Proprioception: Better knowing where your body is in space, better coordination of your movements, greater control over your body and its movements.
4. Reduced stress and improved mental clarity: Yoga inevitably reduces/relieves stress, lets you find peace and stillness, and from there gives you clarity of mind, a new awareness and more positive perspective about life and your future. You’ll have less fear, fewer worries, more enthusiasm for life, and you will be more effective in all you do. Being calmer & more relaxed leads to a greater feeling of happiness and wellbeing, which everyone can benefit from! It will balance your heart & mind and also help to normalize your blood pressure.
5. Improved Stress and Pain Management: Yoga (incl Chair Yoga) includes breath work and a variety of relaxation techniques. Through meditation and paying attention to your breath, you can help your body and mind to cope with pain or any condition you may be suffering from.
6. Better Respiratory & Organ Function: Breathing exercises, stretching & redirecting the breath into certain parts of the body with ‘letting go’ on exhale will improve oxygen intake, area- expansion with better bloodflow (more nutrients from the blood), enabling and optimising self-healing capacity of the whole body.

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